Rita Pivoryunaite: «Enjoy and love the life you live!»

22.07.2016 | Интервью
Rita Pivoriunaite - Lithuanian beauty, socialite, a participant in popular international television projects «Together with the dolphins» and «Dancing with the Stars», with seven years in Kyokushinkai karate, and has a lot of titles in both discipline kumite and kata. In the spring of 2016, Rita took second place on the TV show «Together with the dolphins», and in June she had no equal in lightweight category and on the tatami at the 1st KWU European Championship in Serbia. We could not pass up such amazing athlete and chatted with her - specially for SuperKarate.RU readers, an exclusive interview with Rita Pivoriunaite.

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7 Open de France de Karate Shinkyokushinkai. Tournoi international de karaté shinkyokushinkai sous l'égide de la FSKO. Catégorie: novices hommes, élite hommes, élite féminines et élite vétérans.
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